Designing and tailoring clothing for men at home. Volume 2. Pants

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Designing and tailoring clothing for men at home. Volume 2. Pants


Theme 4. The basic template of classic men's trouser

1. General characteristics of classic trousers

2. The basic pattern of men's trousers

2.1. The system of measures and tables to the basic pattern of men's trousers

2.2. Construction drawing the basic patterns of classical direct and tapered-leg men's trousers

Topic 5. Modeling of pants

1. Modeling men's classic trousers

1.1. The building tucks and soft folds at the waist line pants

1.2. Options for the location of pockets

2. Modeling tight-fitting pants and jeans

2.1. The basic pattern tight trousers and jeans

2.2. Modeling belt

2.3. Modeling of the belt on the rear half jeans

2.4. Construction drawing of a pocket on the back mate of jeans

2.5. Construction drawing of a pocket on the front mate jeans

2.6. Modelling jeans, flared from the knee

Theme 6. Tailoring of pants

1. The layout pattern classic straight men's trousers

2. Technology of tailoring of a classic trouser from traditional suiting fabrics with lining

2.1. Preparation of parts of the pants to sew

2.2. The implementation of the darts in the back halves of pants

2.3. Execution welt pockets with leaflets on the back half of the pants

2.4. The compound of step wedges with the rear halves of the pants

2.5. Performing soft folds on the front half pants and padded

2.6. Execution slanted pockets on the front sides of the pants and the connection of the front halves of trousers with lining

2.7. The connection of the front and rear halves of the pants

2.8. Processing of fly zip closure

2.9. Billet belt loops

2.10. Treatment the waist line of the pants belt

2.11. Processing leia middle seam of the pants from the inside

2.12. Processing of the bottom of the pants

3. Features of tailoring of man's trousers without lining from a light fabric

3.1. Performing fly on the trousers unlined

3.2. Execution of simulation of the fly

3.3. Performing rear surface of the pocket

3.4. The implementation of the front surface of the pocket

4. Recommendations on tailoring of jeans

Theme 7. Fitting trousers

1. Training pants to the fitting.

2. Fitting trousers

3. Deficiencies in the fit of the pants, causes and solutions


Tailoring welt pockets

1. Technology implementation welt pockets "in the frame"

2. Technology implementation welt pockets with leaflets.

3. Technology implementation welt pockets with flap

Execution technology seam "eight"

Reference information

1. Body proportions

2. Historical note

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