Designing and tailoring clothing for men at home. Volume 1. The shirts and underwear

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Designing and tailoring clothing for men at home. Volume 1. The shirts and underwear

Table of contents


1. Items for drawing works

2. Working sewing box

3. Sewing equipment

3.1. Household appliances

3.2. Terms sewing techniques

3.3. General rules for the safe operation of the sewing machine

3.4. A problem with the machine, their causes

3.5. Adjustment of the yarn tension

3.6. How to learn exactly stitching

4. Thread

4.1. The structure of the thread

4.2. The types of thread and composition of raw materials

4.3. The numbering of the thread

5. Fabric

5.1. Information about the composition of the original fiber fabrics

5.2. Determination of the fibre composition of the fabric

5.3. Properties of some types of fabrics and their application

5.4. Determination of the direction of grain lines on the fabric

5.5. Definition of obverse and reverse sides on the fabric

5.6. Preparing fabric to cutting

5.7. Wet-heat treatment

5.8. Creating patterns with the drawing and layout on fabric

5.9. Three ways of flooring fabric

Theme 1. Seams are hand and machine

1. Manual stitches.

Connecting manual stitches.

Edge hand stitches

Blind stitch seams

Stitch for copy

2. Machine stitches

Connecting machine stitches

Edge machine stitches

Finishing machine stitches

Guidelines for doing samples of stitches

Theme 2. Men's shirts

1. General characteristics shirts

2. The basic pattern men's shirt

2.1. Taking measurements

2.2. System standards basic pattern men's shirt

2.3. Defining characteristics of the shape

2.4. Construction drawing the basic patterns of men's shirts on the standard shapes

2.5. Construction drawing the basic patterns of men's shirts on the figures with different physical characteristics

2.6. Debugging basic patterns using dummy

3. Simulation of the classic men's shirt

3.1. Modeling of fasteners on the shelf

3.2. Modeling of pocket on the shelf

3.3. Construction drawing figure strap for treatment of the cut on the sleeve

3.4. Drawings cuffs

3.5. Drawings of collars

4. An example of executing the men's shirt

4.1. Feature products

4.2. Sample modeling the shirt

4.3. Layout of patterns on fabric

4.4. Technology of tailoring of man's shirts

Theme 3. Men's briefs

1. Feature products

2. The basic pattern

2.1. System standards

2.2. Construction drawing

2.3. Recommendations for modeling panties

3. Layout of patterns on fabric

4. Sewing pants


1. How to sew a button

2. Execution of loops

2.1. Loop made by hand

2.2. Hinges are made with the sewing machine

2.3. The calculation of the length of the loop

3. The execution lines on the lapped seams and thick fabrics

4. Performing classical clasp

5. The implementation of counter-pleats, Lacanau top

6. Executing the collar "stand"

6.1. Harvesting of stands: behind neck (Mandarin) and adjacent to the neck

6.2. Connection collars "stand" with the neck

7. The implementation of the shift collar on the front

8. Implementation of the collar on the detachable rack

8.1. Billet collar and stand

8.2. The connection of the strut with the product

9. Performing pockets

9.1. Patch pocket with straight corners

9.2. A pentagonal patch pocket

9.3. Patch pocket with rounded corners

9.4. Welt pocket "in the frame"

9.5. Welt pocket with leaflets

9.6. Welt pocket with flap

10. Processing of the cut on the sleeve

10.1. Treatment of equity slit strip

10.2. Treatment cut, notched strap

11. The implementation of the cuffs

11.1. The implementation of the single cuffs

11.2. Double cuff

12. How to iron a shirt and fold a shirt

12.1. How to iron a shirt

12.2. How to fold a shirt

13. Shirts

13.1. Classic shirt long sleeve

13.2. Classic shirts for special occasions

13.3. Sports shirts

13.4. Shirt short sleeve

13.5. Shirts for women


1. The proportions of the body

2. Figure

3. Industry standards

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