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January 2016. site in Books and tutorials published information about the new e-book Ludmila Serova "Design and dressmaking at home. Volume 1. Basic patterns are straight skirts. Modeling and sewing of straight and skinny and extended the bottom skirts". The book in PDF format can be downloaded from Yandex-Disk. The application form should be sent to

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Our purpose


Author school of cutting and sewing Ludmila Serova prepares masters of tailored working independently.

Student of the school of cutting and sewing can learn the profession consistently three courses depending on the desired level of qualification and academic performance

Qualification of the graduates of the school of cutting and sewing allows them to fulfill customer orders for tailoring of high-quality and fashionable clothes particularly complex styles on any of the figures.

School of cutting and sewing Ludmila Serova gives a course of professional knowledge, the value of which does not decrease over time.

In the author's school of cutting and sewing Ludmila Serova special attention is paid to the study of various systems of cutting and technical modeling for individual tailoring. Ludmila Serova not without reason, believes that mastery of tailoring gives the opportunity to put real clothes any artistic vision. High quality design work is a "cornerstone" of the school.

When homework specific lessons are encouraged to develop, design and tailoring students own models of clothes in the framework of a given topic. During the training, students develop their own artistic style.

Students of the school of cutting and sewing in the course of education study design techniques on models of world famous fashion Houses. Graduates schools can reproduce the basic patterns common to a specific, and then execute on them the technical modeling on the figure of the customer.

Людмила Серова 

School individual distance learning cut and sew based on the personal initiative of Lyudmila Petrovna Serova.

Author's school, that means:
students in the course of training have contact with only one teacher,
- all curriculum, instructional materials, tutorials, distance learning personally designed by Ludmila Serova,
- monitoring of learning and assessment of learning outcomes of students at all stages of training gives one teacher.

Author-lecturer Ludmila Serova has higher education (Gorky state University N.I.Lobachevsky), graduated in N. Novgorod special school of cutting and sewing, has the qualification of master-tailored, has extensive experience of pedagogical work.

Since 1994 the school has worked in Tula, in may 2008 was held on 14-th edition of students currently in full-time study is not performed.

On distance learning, contact us by e-mail

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