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Volume 5.
Basic patterns of
with a set-in sleeve
Volume 6.
Modeling collars,
neck design
and fasteners
Volume 7.
reconstruction of tucks
Volume 8.
Modeling of
tie-in sleeves


Volume 1. Basic skirt patterns.
Skirts straight, narrowed
and extended
Volume 2. Skirts with pleats
and conical skirts
Volume 3. Wedged skirts,
with flounces, with petals,
with draperies
Volume 4. Trousers


Volume 1. Shirts and underpants Volume 2. Trousers Volume 3. Denim suit


Volume 1. Underwear Volume 2. Light clothing

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Article Ludmila Serova

The clasp on hinged loop of fabric

Performing patch pockets

Execution Dior's folds

Modeling coquettes with the angle on the skirts

Modeling and sewing conical skirts

The clasp on the strap for the dress and for men's shirts in the Russian style (kosovorotka) download file

Classic concealed closure (eng)

From the history of the puff sleeves

Modeling decorative elements in solution lapel shoulder tuck download file

How sew the edge using the hat rubber cord

Modelling blouse in new look style

Modeling of radial folds, modeling of conical folds in skirts download file


The second regional festival "Guipure fabulous pattern" Chkalovsk, Nizhny Novgorod region

The implementation of small wrinkles

The buttons are made by hand

Festival "Provincial style". A report from behind the scenes

Men's underwear

Lazy loop

Bow tie

Conical pants

The implementation of modelling skirts directly on the body

An open letter to the head of the editorial ATELIER Alexander Khilkevich

Basic the technical drawing and the technical design of bra (eng)

System cut for tailored

Author atelier - we train specialists

The basic pattern is the basis for success in tailoring business

Professionals for the fashion business

Some features of working with striped fabrics

Sleeves with voluminous head - sleeves buff. Some of the techniques work

Books and tutorials Ludmila Serova

Ludmila Serova. Designing and sewing of children's clothing at home. Vol 1 - Children's underwear.view contents

Ludmila Serova. Designing and sewing of children's clothing at home. Vol 2 - Children's light clothes. view contents

Ludmila Serova. Designing and sewing of men's clothing at home. Vol 1 - Shirts and underwear. view contents

Ludmila Serova. Designing and sewing of men's clothing at home. Vol 2 - Trousers. view contents

Lyudmila Serova. Designing and sewing women's clothes at home. Vol 1. Skirt. Basic patterns are straight skirts. Modeling and sewing of straight, tapered and extended the bottom skirts. view contents

Lyudmila Serova. Designing and sewing women's clothes at home. Vol 2. Skirt. Modelling and tailoring of skirts with pleats and tapered skirts. view contents

Lyudmila Serova. Designing and sewing women's clothes at home. Vol 3. Skirt. Modeling and tailoring skirt with inserts wedges and skirts with drapes.view contents

Course 1. Lesson 26. Modeling and tailoring of skirts with radial folds. Modeling of conical folds in the skirts. download file

Course 2. Lesson 5. Part of a lesson "Modeling clothing from shawls" download file

Lesson for beginners

Rules for making drawings

Working sewing box

Sewing machine



The sewing terms

Preparation for cutting and cutting out garments

The hand-stitched seams

Machine stitches

Engineering, modeling and technology of clothing for children of preschool and younger school age

Educational programs

ALMANAC - books, magazine articles

Magazine MOD (USSR) No. 2, 1971. Do yourself a turban

Alexander Khilkevich, magazine ATELIER 01/2002. The costume of a lifetime

T. Zabazlaeva. The great mystery to dress-to-face

N.T.Klimova. Folk embroidery of the Gorky region (Gorky guipure)

T.K.Strizhenova. The history of the Soviet costume

G.S.Gorina. Modeling of the silhouette and shape of clothing

V.M.Korneeva. Artistic darn

I.A.Zepkina,V.A.Nikolaeva. Modeling fur hats

T.Strizhenova, S.Timerin. Soviet costume for 50 years

A.F.Blanc. About Thekla Antonovna Gorelenkova

A.F.Blanc and F.A.Gorelenkova. Cutting womens dress

Ya.I.Vital. Pleated and corrugation

Johannes Itten. The art of color

S.Belyaeva-Ekzemplyarskaya. Modeling of clothing according to the laws of visual perception

Magazine MOD (USSR) No. 2, 1976. From piece of fabric

D.P.Glagolev. How to become a fashion designer

D.P.Glagolev. Reflections of fashion designer on the cut of clothing

D.P.Glagolev. The legacy of the iron suit

M.N.Mertsalova. Russian chintz

M.N.Mertsalova. The history of tailoring

M.N.Mertsalova. Glossary of historical clothing

Characterization methods of constructing garments. Edited by Alexander Dotsenko

S.E.Chupakhina. The missing link

Boris Ovechkin, Olga Pronova, Ludmila Serova. Anthropometry VS obsolete cardboard patterns

Oksana Novikova. The knowledge of color

Olga Golushko. What to wear in Paris

Elena Zharova. Shirts. Manual Assembly

I.N.Belyaeva, N.N.Vladimirov. Making fabric flower

The podium. Display of student work, including tests and final exams

All the news of the school of cutting and sewing (archive)

Personal pages of students of the school of cutting and sewing Ludmila Serova

Tatyana Dyachenko

Julia Bogatyreva

Elena Bobrovskaya

Lydia Zlobina

Lubov Maksimova

School archive

School life

Publications about the school and its students

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